Ryan Swanson Blue
orange piece detail
The Decision Maker
Angry walking six beers in
Vegas, baby
1970's kitchen set
You're not going anywhere in that outfit
Enough, you mean not enough
It's going to last at least 12 hours
Got what you needed
Put some deodorant on that
Their clothes never fit
Not until we get to the other side
The third angel wasn't really an angel at all
Mile high club
The swelling will go down eventually
Their clothes never fit
I'll wait until they are done
That hole will heal in no time
Shingles on the museum
Seduction Tactics
My pretty
Beach sex only works in movies
Even condos can crumble
Seduction Tactics
Orange Piece
Teardrops and sand
January 26
Giddy up
New American billboard
Stegosaurus hooker
Just mash it down
It wasn't balloon boy's best idea
Pretty Assholes
Got what you needed
January 27th
Ya, but he can only do it two times
Seduction Tactics
The fat twin always get jealous
Yes, I'm sure she's still looking
Jump squats in thongs
The natives have cell phones
Squish, dash and dart
Stegosaurus hooker at work
Houndstooth homer